Muscle Pain Causes And Common Sense Solutions

Muscle Pain Causes are many and varied, and fortunately we have significant control once aware of how problems develop.

Sudden overload, and repeated overuse traumatize or fatigue muscle resulting in the most common muscle pain cause: trigger points, which are “extremely common and become a painful part of nearly everyone’s life at one time or another.” according to the two volume text Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, vol. I & II, 1998.

Lack of enough movement is another very common muscle pain cause which results in micro-adhesions in the connective tissue surrounding and interlacing muscle, and in the independent fascial network that is part of our structural support.

Our nervous system continuously monitors our bodies to protect against injury;i.e., touch a hot stove and thankfully, our reflexes pull us away from the danger automatically. That same system makes it possible for us to learn tasks like brushing our teeth, walking smoothly in a variety of situations, and otherwise multitask, all without having to give it much thought.

It protects against over-stretching of muscle by keeping track of normal resting length of muscle, and automatically tightening to protect. The downside of that is we tend to overuse or overload muscle, do little or nothing to lengthen it, and the over-tight muscle becomes our New and Impaired, Normal!, getting worse and worse over time. The result is we are gradually pulled out of good posture, our muscles and connective tissues shortened to the point of not being able to work well, and our movements become more awkward and uncoordinated.

The strain of new normal has become too much to bear for most people at about mid-30’s, when people start to notice things don’t seem the same as before, and by their 40’s, start to seek the help of professionals because an occasional recurring problem becomes more constant, or new ones appear suddenly.

Once you have a pain problem , the key is to become aware of when you are using that part of your body in a way that fatigues or overuses it. This helps you understand what habits of movements or positions of use are contributing to excess muscle tone. If you can’t stop using those movements, simply add some full range of movement frequently so your muscles shorten and lengthen fully.

Will trigger point massage therapy help? Schedule your no-charge 45 minute consultation before April 30th, 2012: Your pain map will be created, giving you a head start on becoming independently healthy. You’ll also receive a brief sample of advanced massage therapy and possibly concrete results that show you your problem can be improved or eliminated. You’ll leave better informed and ready to use your self-treatment skills and tools. To Schedule:(817) 927 – 0114

Muscle pain causes are more numerous than described above, but life could be a lot happier for a majority of us if we simply took frequent 15-30 second breaks that more fully shortens and lengthens the tissues, which also helps pump fresh blood into the area. Look for small movements, or steady positions you repeat frequently, more so than big strenuous activities. Once your normal gets really out of whack, it takes longer to recover the freedom and coordinated balance you used to have, but it is possible.

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