Pain Mapping Is Like Having GPS For Your Aches and Pains

Pain mapping along with your history intake, begins to organize the confusing mix of sensations and reactions you’re experiencing, and compares your problem to medically documented trigger point diagrams. Recognizing that you are not alone, gives real hope for making sense of, and relieving it simply.

For example, pelvic pain can be caused by trigger points in muscles of the thighs and abdomen, and are often not included in the checklist of causes used by most physicians.

“When the myofascial nature of pain is unrecognized, such as the pain caused by trigger points in the pectoral muscles that mimics cardiac pain, the symptoms are likely to be diagnosed as neurotic, psychogenic, or behavioral. This adds frustration and self-doubt to the patient’s misery and blocks appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Active myofascial trigger points are largely responsible for that enigmatic scourge of mankind, musculoskeletal pain. The total cost is incalculable, but enormous, and most of it is unnecessary,” according to Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, vol. 1.,2nd ed. 1999.

You mark a body diagram where you hurt, and the therapist asks questions for clarification, uncovering clues in your comments as you talk about your experience. It gradually becomes more detailed; your daily activities, times you feel the pain, movements that are difficult for you, old injuries and surgeries that might be affecting your problem and current health conditions all may shed light.

Lists of muscles known to cause pain in your problem area, provide a starting point for hands-on assessment of muscle health. The search is for landmarks like taut bands of muscle, thickening of tissue, lack of pliability and nodules or trigger points in the muscles.

Will trigger point massage therapy help? Schedule your no-charge 45 minute consultation before April 30th, 2012: Your pain map will be created, giving you a head start on becoming independently healthy. You’ll also receive a brief sample of advanced massage therapy and possibly concrete results that show you your problem can be improved or eliminated. You’ll leave better informed and ready to use your self-treatment skills and tools. To Schedule:(817) 927 – 0114

Pain mapping blends into treatment, and you return to your family more hopeful, and refreshed; however, keep in mind one of the common misconceptions: relief of pain by treatment of skeletal muscles for myofascial trigger points does not rule out serious visceral disease.

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